All The Deets on My At-Home Teeth Whitening Experience


Teeth whitening. It’s in the category of one of those things you should be doing, but never get around to doing. How many of you are guilty for having the Crest White Strips box stowed away under your bathroom cabinet behind the body lotions, or the loose tabs lost between clutter in a drawer? Well I for sure do. I also tried those blue LED teeth whitening light kits that were more gimmicky than anything else. The charcoal powder and toothpastes do work, but they can be abrasive, and you also must brush your teeth with fluoride afterward, because its missing that ingredient. Let’s not forget how scary your smile looks with all that black on it too…amiright?!



wherever! I found multiple times per day to whiten during daily activities at home. 

To get to the story, Smile Brilliant reached out to me through Instagram to see if I was interested in doing a review for a free whitening kit. At first I was apprehensive, even though FREE, because my teeth tend to be on the more sensitive side. I once had a Zoom teeth whitening procedure done at a dentist office and I must say it was in the top 5 most painful experiences yet. For reference, I have tattoos in uncomfortable locations, had tattoo laser removal, and other torturous beauty procedures done, and it was up there! The Zoom whitening was a Groupon, so I should have known better. After reviewing Smile Brilliant’s website, customer reviews, and speaking with their rep, who had reached out, about my tooth sensitivity, I was assured the product would give me awesome pearly whites without the pain.

You may think that teeth whitening is intended more for those who guzzle coffee several times a day, are red winos, smokers, or were never good with brushing and have some visible stains. It is true teeth whitening is a must when you do have stains that keep you from smiling often, but it is also for everyone else who just wants to take their whiteness up a notch whether, it be for a big event or just life. I do not drink coffee, seldom drink red wine, and don’t smoke (yuck) so my teeth were already fairly white. Plus, I often brush with charcoal or other teeth whitening toothpastes.


I work from home so I do have flexibility to whiten when I want, but it’s never something someone wants to do, even if they can. Those Crest White Strips are very gooey, which makes them move around easily, which then allows you to accidently tastes the horrible whitening concoction. Never fun. Smile Brilliant gives you molding clay, which allows you to make molds of your teeth that you send back in for them to then create personalized teeth trays. These are the same trays you pay a chunk of cash for at your dentist. I know this because I almost got personalized trays to keep me from grinding my teeth at night. The Smile Brilliant trays are very comfortable because they are the exact mold of your teeth, leaving no room for the plastic to rub against and irritate your gums. The whitening gel they give you also stays in the trays (as long as you don’t squirt an excessive amount out) leaving it free from your straying tongue.

The minimum amount of time suggested for whitening is 45 minutes. The maximum is three hours. I kept it to a minimum of no more than an hour. I was still nervous about my teeth being sensitive. Luckily, I also had a desensitizing gel that Smile Brilliant gives those with sensitive teeth. I left this on for the suggested 25 minutes after each whitening session, and had zero problems with sensitivity. Whew!


You are meant to white every single day, but for me that was sometimes difficult to do. I did get some gum irritation, so I needed to take a break here and there. The rep suggested applying coconut oil or Vaseline to my gums, which I did and it did help a bit. I also was traveling some of the time, and at events, so a couple times I did forget to whiten. All in all, I followed mostly to the day to day whitening schedule, which lasted five weeks. If you look at my before and after photos you can definitely see a difference in the whiteness level of my smile. My new teeth are not blindingly white, but I wouldn’t want that anyway. Plus, now that I do have trays I can order more whitening gel from Smile Brilliant to keep my smile fresh! Plus, Plus, I no longer need to use the teeth whitening feature on my picture editing app.


If you are contemplating stepping up your teeth whitening game, I highly suggest Smile Brilliant. I did have minor gum irritation, as I mentioned, but overall it was a pleasant and very easy experience. Which is key for many! While at home, you can literally whiten while doing anything and that is what made it great for me. Just don’t whiten while you sleep…ouch!

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My before and after...


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