Candle's flame

The candle's flame only flickered and rose high, smoke billowing when you walked by

When you noticed it

Like their love it burned dull when neither paid attention

Soon its wick would reach its end and the wax, all that embodied their affinity, would dissipate and be whole no more

Your voice - the most beautiful of sounds

The sound of your voice up against my velvety lobes - so close, so quiet, a murmur

The humming sensation tickles my ear as you tell me "I want everything with you"

Even though I cannot see you I know you are smiling - a tiny lovely smile

Your lips touch briefly and as you move away back into your space cold air meets my flesh, shocking the temporary warmth created by your breath

At last

Like the air after a storm - calm, settling, renewed

All of my life's scattered hopes, aspirations, wishes are finally settling into their rightful place

Like leaves, branches, pieces of newspaper once in a tumbling whirlwind 

At last set free from the gale and able to lay rest - gaining their purpose

The longing of nothing

He was in love with an ideal but that of which he was not even sure

Like the ocean's foam his mind was hazy and the memory of her, or what he thought was her, moved further away he day

In his dreams he frantically grabbed at fragments of times past - trying to piece together what was what he had loved. Who he thought he had loved

Come daylight, edges blurred and the memory further away once more

He lived his whole life this way - unhappy and lonely because he was never able to get her back. He was never able to find her

Like rock that edges the shore, his once perfect memory, thrashed by the salty waves, slowly disappeared into the sand of his mind until there was nothing left


Eyes: windows to the soul

You look down as you walk

The dirty streets lined with variations of "trash" are met with your overpriced shoes

Looking down - it is easier this way - the near thought of making eye contact with a stranger is fearful

You look down as you walk because to look into another, to allow them them to look into you, is to let them in

Fragments - some soft but many sharp, vivid, disturbing

So you look down as you walk

Beauty in Death

As kids we had a fort down behind the house where the creek hissed

Nestled in the oak trees and choked weed our secret retreat - harboring our gathered treasures 

Bones were easy to find

Many of them, stacked and displayed

Creatures both modest and sizable

Antlers and jaws intertwined amongst thistle 

Beauty in Death

Fear and reaction

I look up and practice my breathing; the kind to calm your nerves

I count, one, two, three, - more and more air seeping in on each turn

Then it is held. This substance of oxygen - molecules and time

When I exhale there is no count, just a drawn out breathe releasing all this is in me from each corner of my body

Do i feel better after a few rounds? Sort of

But to invite fear in once, even for a second it becomes that nagging parent

It remains in your shadow, always a step behind. reminding you of life’s realities drawing near


When things are good we don’t like to ruffle the hen’s feathers. We aim to keep everything calm, smooth and pretty. We keep the fear out although it begins to bubble and creep and soon it is so close it is palatable.

We are only afraid of whats to come because we live life based on our past and we can only rewind to look back on chapters for review when we are troubled. But the present and the future are aspects of time that test us.

Some of us have a strong will in which we can choose our ships waters but even on the safest oceans storms can emerge throwing us off course and what we thought we could plan. But to plan for something specific is to restrict when we should really just be aware, prepared.


Things for you and i will eventually come to a head and that is something that can not be practiced for

You don’t really know any situation until you are in it

Until then, I keep things pretty. Sun rises and sun sets and so on and so forth

I will turn the fear that prides itself in disturbing into light

A light for my passageway so that it may aide to guide me the best way it can


There is a balance within all things

There must be

With each chisel from pain's tool that hollowed out my heart there was born a grander sanctuary for happiness

For as much pain as we endure in our lifetime we will also experience pleasure

It is from one polar emotion that we ultimately undergo its opposite state of being

Like you mean it

Do not tiptoe across my body

Do not draw in black and white across my flesh

Do not speak in whispers to my ears 

Do not mask your aroma in perfumes to my nose

If you are arriving into my world do so with a certain intensity that will not go unnoticed

Remove the veil that dulls your being

Let your soul scream like it was created to take up into my heart like you mean it



She took the torch and threw it into the pile of blackened embers. Her heart a growing fire - steady and strong with occasional bouts of sparks - excited flickers against the blanketed black

A night sky filled with bits and pieces of their love. The warm velvet sensation of heat emitting itself onto her, into her the way his body does as it starts to take over her entire sense of self

As the fire grew it sent whispers into the surrounding wood - Its crackling echoing into an otherwise silent autumn eve